Saturday, 12 July 2014

8 Tips DIY Wedding Invitations

By buying invitation paper, envelopes and craft supplies you can make extraordinary diy crafts invitations.

Tip #1 - Find Ideas For Unique DIY Wedding Invitations

    Many wedding magazines publish articles on wedding invitations. Many brides use scrapbooking techniques to give their DIY wedding invitations a special flair.
    The internet is rich with information, including patterns, designs and other tips for DIY invitations.

Tip #2 - Design The Wedding Invitations

Tip #3 - Develop Samples

Never buy all your materials for your DIY wedding invitations without making a few samples first.

Tip # 4 - Determine How Many Invitations You Need.

You need to make up your guest list before ordering your craft materials or DIY wedding invitation kits.

Tip #5 - Select Paper, Fonts & Other Printing Essentials

Depending on what type of invitation paper you are using, you may need a commercial printer. Generally, home printers can only handle thinner paper types.

Tip #6 - Buy Wedding Invitation Materials

Tip #7 - DIY Invitations Assembly

Your DIY wedding invitations will be ready in no time.

Tip # 8- Mailing your Invitations

Try to mail your DIY wedding invitations a few months in advance.

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